Santalum lanceolatum

Santalum lanceolatum

Latin Name: Santalum lanceolatum

Introduction: Santalum lanceolatum is an Australian tree of the family Santalaceae. It is commonly known as Desert Quandong, Northern Sandalwood, Sandalwood or True Sandalwood and in some restricted areas as Burdardu. The height of this plant is variable, from 1 to 7 metres.

The native range of the plant extends from north-western Victoria, northwards through New South Wales to North Queensland, westwards across The Northern Territory and into North Western Australia. It is a plant primarily of arid and semi-arid inland areas although its distribution reaches the coast in both Central Queensland and The Kimberley. The tree is becoming increasingly rare across much of its desert range due to destructive browsing by feral camels.